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An executive platform to gain insight into customer health

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A CSM platform to manage and streamline your work

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Turning Customer Success into a profit center

Own the Renewal Process

Own the Renewal Process

With Bolstra’s contract management capabilities, contracts can easily be managed by the Customer Success team, leaving your sales team focused on closing and expanding new business.

Increase Customer Retention

Increase Customer Retention

Using Bolstra’s best practice accelerators combined with our agile platform, customers commonly see an additional 5% increase in customer retention.

Manage Workflow

Manage Customer Journey

Know where each customer is in their lifecycle, and what they need to remain delighted before they have to ask you. Being more efficient allows for greater capacity.

Reduce work

Manage and Reduce Work

Incorporate best practices into a platform that automatically triggers activities for CSMs to perform, allowing them to be prescriptive. Less time spent deciding what to do and when to do it frees up more cycles.

Monetize Customer Success

Customer Success IS NOT Customer Support. CSMs provide expert services that, when delivered optimally, generate income for your XaaS subscription business without leaving money on the table.

» Learn How to Monetize Your Own Customer Success
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  • Bolstra provides a consistent foundation for our team to build the most effective routines to achieve success for each unique client. It is also allowing us to stop and evaluate what is needed internally, for the growth of team and company. Having CSMs involved in the process has been invaluable. They are now better equipped to lead each client and our team to reach the desired goals. Overall, the result is more value for each client and our company.
    Kathleen Moffat
    Director of Client Services, myCOI
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    Companies need to address the basic blocking and tackling of customer success first. Bolstra's Agile approach places the priority on work management that TSIA members crave.
    John Ragsdale
    VP Technology Research, TSIA
  • As we were contemplating ways to streamline our services delivery, Bolstra came in with the perfect combination of services and a unique software platform tailor made for what we were looking to do.  With Bolstra, we are creating a whole new recurring revenue stream for our company.
    Terry Lister
    Manager, Leaf