Bolstra's customer success solution guides you through a series of best practices to engage with your customers, quickly and easily manage your work and drive towards your customers' desired outcomes.

Arrorw Up


Recurring Revenue

Renewals, cross-sell, and upsell


Engaged customers refer your solution

Gross Margins

Lower retention and acquisition costs




Drive customer desired outcomes


Streamline customer engagements

Cost of Goods Sold

Reduce fire drills


Provide your customers a clear path to take off!

A typical customer lifecycle has bursts of delight and valleys of frustration when using a new SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product. Sale, launch, and initial successes are celebrated moments – but then what? The real test of a SaaS product is the daily use and integration into a customer's operations. By prescriptively managing engagements in real time, businesses see increased revenue, experience fewer fire drills, and enjoy growing satisfaction from their customers.

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    Bolstra provides a way for us to organize and execute customer success strategies that demonstrate true, measurable value to our customers. They exposed opportunities to expand our services which helped better identify risks and put into action the steps necessary to minimize those risks. Bolstra has made us a better service provider.
    Nick Birch
    C.E.O., Propel, LLC
    Net negative churn, the holy grail of SaaS, is only achieved with a maniacal focus on continually exceeding customer value expectations. Bolstra's primary value proposition to Bluebridge has been helping us create and execute a repeatable strategy to continually improve our customer’s value attainment. In this way, they help us help our customers more and consequently, we assure our customer’s retention and growth
    Santiago Jaramillo
    C.E.O., Bluebridge