Customer Success Manager

Opening: Customer Success Manager

Let’s start with an interview question: Your customer appears to be losing interest in your product, what are three things you can do to re-awaken their usage and investment in your solution?

If this question isn’t intimidating, then read on.

We are looking to hire a new team member, and we don’t take this challenge lightly. It’s important to us that this person be unabashedly courageous, strategic-minded, self-starting, tolerant of a start-up culture, and humble – all at the same time.

Still reading?

What about having experience in the SaaS world? Have you led trainings? Facilitated consulting engagements? These professional experiences certainly make us more interested in you.

We have a clear image of what we are looking for in terms of your resume, but it’s more than that. As a year-old start-up, we can’t afford to bring someone on board who doesn’t fit into our culture. (Hopefully, you also wouldn’t want to join a team where you didn’t “fit”.) While there’s a lot of intangibles that go into culture, we have some non-negotiables:

  • Can complete tasks in a group workspace environment without being too distracted by flying nerf darts
  • Reads geeky tech news/journal articles, and shares them with team members when re-posting such articles would make our organization look good on social media
  • Has innovative ideas to share, but won’t become dejected if the team doesn’t adopt them
  • Believes that the work early hires in a start-up do reaps long-term benefits in terms of growing the company, as well as personal professional opportunities

If you consider these criteria a little over-the-top, or outside the box, you’re right – they are. We don’t want to hire just any old CSM. We want you if you read this description and smile knowingly because you get us.

Job Description:

Bolstra is a software company located in Carmel, Indiana. Our solution consists of a platform designed to support the functions of customer success management, as well as packaged expert services to help our B2B SaaS customers build and implement their own Customer Success teams.

Bolstra Customer Success Managers work directly with our customers to onboard them to our platform, and then remain responsible for assuring they remain delighted with the value our solution is providing them. This involves leading relationships with our customers throughout their lifecycles, resulting in organic renewals and identification of expansion and upsell opportunities.

Our customer success team leads the way in terms of innovation for ourselves and companies that partner with us. So, we encourage, support and bring new team members up to speed on all that we have learned so they can establish their voice as a thought leader in this space. Our new team member on boarding is second to none and we rally around these opportunities to add to our team.

Our ideal candidate will recognize him/herself in the descriptions above AND meet the following requirements:

  • College Degree (preferred but we value other paths as well)
  • 3+ years Customer Success Management (or Consulting) experience
  • B2B SaaS experience (preferred)
  • A strong desire and passion for expanding professional challenges & continuous learning
  • Strong customer management acumen
  • Track record of helping others succeed, both customers and peers
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills

To apply, send your resume and LinkedIn profile to