Challenges of Being a Customer
The Challenges of Being a Customer
August 9, 2016

The Bolstra Journey

When ConsulTeams was conceptualized in 2014, we set out to create a marketplace that assisted start ups in easily accessing consultants at affordable rates. Our marketplace gave consultants an avenue to increase revenue by productizing services instead of giving some services away for free.

As we on boarded businesses to engage with consultants, we received compliments on our scheduling, alignment and engagement tools. We then discovered these businesses had customer success teams providing services to clients who could benefit from an engagement platform like ours to keep customers engaged, delighted and retained. The overwhelming feedback we received showed this pent up need for good customer success management software. We realized that with good customer engagement comes customer success if the right guidance and direction is provided. The need for superior customer success is a must have and our software is the tool needed to calm the chaos that customer success managers deal with on day-to-day basis.

This need guided us to rebrand as well as relocate to accommodate our growing team. The Bolstra journey is just beginning with many more chapters to write. Follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter to stay informed about our product, team, and to keep up with out story.

Haresh Gangwani
12400 N. Meridian St. Suite 120, Carmel, IN 46032

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