Discovery: How Sales Sets Customer Success up to Succeed
October 3, 2017
Customer Kick-off
Customer Kick-off
October 5, 2017

We know that Customer Success teams are being formed and developed at a rapid pace. XaaS companies are no longer debating the value of a dedicated expert services team to work with customers to generate and sustain a continuously valuable experience.

While the debate about whether to have a Customer Success team within your organization is subsiding, the questions about how to DO Customer Success are mounting. In response to these questions, Bolstra delivers The Blocking and Tackling of Customer Success, a set of resources with the most critical and basic brass tacks for this essential role.

Bolstra’s Blocking and Tackling of Customer Success is a library of materials that includes concise descriptions of how to complete key Customer Success tasks that are important in cultivating loyal, referenceable customers. Content is organized within a basic customer lifecycle: Land, Adopt, Expand, and Renew. Each mini guide provides Bolstra gritty advice on how to get the most from this interaction with (or for) your customer.


Discovery: How Sales Sets Customer Success Up to Succeed

Transfer of Knowledge: Handoff

Customer Kick-off

Implementation Discovery

Rapid Prototyping

Core Enablement



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