How to Monetize Customer Success Webinar

So, you get the importance of Customer Success, and you now want to know how to build it as a profit center. In this 30 minute webinar, Tim Conder, Bolstra’s VP of Customer Success, shares 4 crucial steps to monetizing your CS team. To best prepare for Tim’s webinar, take a few minutes to ponder (or discuss among your team) these questions:

  • How much of what your team is doing would you regard as standardized?
  • Who on your team is delivering like a hero? Can that be bottled up and shared?
  • How would you evaluate your current team’s capacity for managing your customers’ success?
  • What templates and consumables do you have at your finger tips?
  • How diverse are the needs of your customers?

Considering these questions gives you a baseline for your current state. The steps from there to profit begin with this webinar.

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