2016 Bolstra Chapter 1
2016: Bolstra’s Chapter 1
January 4, 2017

It wasn’t just the snow on the stage that made the start-up pitches at the IRT seem magical, but it helped. On a stage set for A Christmas Carol, four start-up visionaries presented five minute pitches to a shrewd panel of sharks and an enthusiastic audience. And, our own Haresh Gangwani was among them.

Haresh Gangwani Verge Pitch Night

How do you explain the problem of reining in churn in SaaS subscriptions, the challenges of managing a Customer Success team, and the platform that solves the problems in just five minutes? Very carefully and concisely. In  a nutshell, you can’t just throw bodies at the problem and expect it to go away. The Bolstra platform gives Customer Success Managers a method to know where each of their customers is in their lifecycle and be able to proactively work with them toward reaching their desired outcomes. Those who Bolstra do Customer Success better!

The night wasn’t just for Bosltra. The founders of CheddarGetter (automated billing service for SaaS providers), ClearScholar (student engagement platform) and Zio (marketing data analytics engine) each shared their pitches, as well. It’s a magical time to be a start-up in Indy, for sure. And we are honored to be among some pretty amazing talent and entrepreneurship.

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