Achieve Your Desired Outcomes

The Bolstra solution is comprehensive, including a world class Customer Success Management platform and the professional services you need to optimize your customer success efforts. Whether you’re a CEO or a CSM, Bolstra helps you achieve your desired outcomes.

Increase Renewals

Retaining customers starts with understanding the overall health of the account and where they are in the lifecycle, and then being able to work ahead of them to preserve delight.

How We Help

  • Know when contracts are due to renew
  • Anticipate potential risks to renewals
  • Improve your retention rate by 10%

Improve Adoption

Adopting a solution entails making a commitment to it. This happens when customers derive continuous value from your solution.

How We Help

  • Prescribed best practice activities
  • Consistent delivery that yields predictable and positive customer experience
  • 25% faster time to first value

Expand Your Footprint

Using an agile approach to customer success allows you to continually demonstrate greater value to your customers, and know when your customer is ready to expand their usage.

How We Help

  • Employ lifecycle models and automated engagement templates
  • Offer the right solution at the right time
  • A 15% increase in average customer lifetime value

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